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MOBILESTYLING for your pampered pet

Services & Rates


Our all-inclusive pampering sessions include a spa bath, blow out, brush out, ears cleaned, and nails. We also offer anal gland expression and teeth brushing upon request. 

Deluxe services include all of the above plus a de-shedding treatment, while our premium services include all of the above, plus a haircut. 

*Prices based on a well-maintained coat and positive behavior. 
*Additional fees for excessive brushing and de-matting. 

Shampoo - we use top of the line all-natural shampoos to fit your dogs specific needs, including oatmeal and flea and tick

Hot Oil Treatment

Conditioner - included with every spa treatment

Drying - helps remove extra dead coat. Hand dried versus drying for hours in a crate

Ears Cleaned

Anal Glands

Nails Trimmed & Filed

Complete Brush & Comb Out

Grooming Rates


Pugs / Shih Tzu / Maltese / Yorkie

Deluxe Spa Treatment - starting at $100

Premium Spa Treatment - starting at $115


Labs / Lab Mixes / Cocker Spaniels / Poodle Mixes

Deluxe Spa Treatment - starting at $120

Premium Spa Treatment - starting at $125


Doodles / Golden Retriever / German Shepherd

Deluxe Spa Treatment - starting at $150

Premium Spa Treatment - starting at $165

Extra LARGE Dog: 

Deluxe Spa Treatment- starting at $155

Premium Spa Treatment - starting at $200

*The above link will begin your All Dogged Up "white glove service" experience. Pending the receipt of the requested information, our pet grooming concierge will contact you directly to confirm the details of your request and schedule your next appointment.

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